Moray Speyside Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) Campaign

Moray Speyside Tourism is the destination marketing organisation (DMO) for Moray.

We work under the auspices of Moray Chamber of Commerce and since 2014, we have been dedicated to growing and developing the region’s tourism industry – to secure a sustainable future for every one of the region’s tourism businesses.

In the time that Moray Speyside Tourism has been operating, the value of tourism to Moray has grown by more than £22m and the number of visitors enjoying our beautiful region has risen by more than 200,000.

We need your views on the future of tourism in Moray Speyside – specifically, Moray Speyside Tourism are keen to understand levels of awareness and interest in the introduction of a Moray Speyside Tourism Business Improvement District (T-BID), which we believe is the only sustainable way to secure the future of tourism in our region.

About T-BIDs:

  • A T-BID is formed when a group of local businesses get together, investing collectively to support the growth and development of their area’s tourism industry.
  • T-BIDs exist to give business a voice and financial stake in the future direction of tourism in their area.
  • A T-BID collects an agreed, moderate levy from members in order to establish a fund which is used to address agreed key tourism priorities which are agreed by members, for instance, expenditure on destination marketing, joint procurement of products and/or business support services.
  • A key feature of T-BIDs is that members decide how funds are spent. In addition, T-BID funds are not designed to replace public sector funding or services, rather they are intended to supplement existing funding and support mechanisms.
  • A T-BID is not a Council project, it is an industry-led initiative with a singular focus on tourism development, designed to benefit the entire region’s tourism industry.

Further information about Tourism Business Improvement Districts (TBIDS) can be found below: